The coronavirus has taken over the news cycle in a way that not many other things have in recent years. We want to update you on how our business is responding and how that may impact your tax return. We believe if we can keep our business up and running, this will be our part to keep our economy chugging along during these uncertain times. We believe in family values. If any of our employees need to attend to their families, this is our highest priority.

Here is our current status update:

  • We are all healthy and working

  • We are operating as “normal”. “Normal” means business as usual, but a little slower. This must be what extensions are made for.

  • We have updated our technology to complete your tax return and practice “social distancing”.

  • We have limited all in-person appointments. We are available via phone and in the near future video conferencing.

What YOU can do:

  • Gather your tax information and either:

  • Mail it to us

  • Drop it off anytime (we have a mail slot in our door)

  • Upload the information via your client portal (hint-

What WE will do:

  • Prepare your tax return as normal

  • NEW – we will email (via secure means) a copy of your tax return

  • NEW – you will sign Form 8879 IRS e-file Signature Authorization electronically

  • NEW – we will upload a PDF copy of your tax return on your personal secure client portal

  • NEW – you will receive our invoice via email with a link to pay electronically. You can choice to do this, or send a check as normal.

  • NEW – we will email you an e-file Acceptance Letter stating your tax return has been filed and accepted by the IRS.

  • If you don’t have the ability to access your tax return electronically we will mail your return as we normally did in the past.

Personal Client Portals:

  • There is a link to login into the client portal on every page of our website

  • If you have not logged before and need an “invitation”. Email leah@mcduffycpa.com

  • Hints for uploading documents:

    • It is not necessary to scan documents separately, in fact, it is more efficient for us to have one big PDF file.

    • If you obtain PDF tax documents from banks, brokerage firms. You can save them electronically to your client portal without having to print and re-scan.

  • Call us for help if needed

We wish you and your family peace during this surreal time.