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About me:

  • Love humans, I added three of my own to the world

  • I’m a little crazy about Ruth Bader Ginsberg, I’ve got her action figure in my office.

  • I attended the UW, but I’m a Coug wannabe.

  • I’ve been to 48 states, I’m missing North Dakota and Kentucky.

  • Favorite charities: WA Kids in Transition and Beautiful Soles


Why I love my job:

  • Seeing people achieve their goals

  • Making complex situations seem manageable

  • Watching the relief, when I am able to help remove the stress out of a tax situation 

  • It can be busy, but I always keep my sense of humor thanks to Lucy and Ethel. (video below)

Quotes you will hear from me more than once:

  • “The secret is to just not spend every dollar you make.”

  • “Don’t let the tail wag the dog.”

  • “The words fair and equal are not the same” – when talking to my children.

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